Why You Need To Earn An Extra Income

Why You Need To Earn An Extra Income

Why earn an extra income ? Well, the world is changing when it comes to employment, employees are now more disposable than ever, more and more people for looking to earn extra income due to rising household bills to make ends meet. You are replaceable, the machines and robots are coming to take your place, companies of all sizes are looking to cut their costs as often as possible to boost profits and making people redundant from their jobs is one way to easily do so.

Scared?  You could be, or you can it look it another way, in a more positive way. How about you now start to look at other ways to earn an extra income for yourself?  Why rely on an income just from your current role of employment? What happens if that job suddenly gets taken away from you?

The pressure will be on you to pay your bills without a regular income,  how are you going to pay those bills? Your savings may last awhile (if you have any) and when the pot runs dry you will feel even more pressure.

You do not have total control on your job, someone else does, that means someone else who perhaps you have never even met before in your life is capable of making a decision i.e. taking that job away from you, that can completely change your life.

So why not look at ways to earn various incomes on a regular basis? You can earn an extra income if you dedicate enough to time to finding ways in doing so.

Did you know that the average millionaire has approx 7 different streams of income? Even most millionaires are not over-reliant on one source of income, if one revenue stream stops you would then have the possibility of 6 other income streams that would be bringing in money for you.  You need to find various ways to earn an extra income.

James Altucher, the author behind the “Choose Yourself” era has put together tons of great articles on his website, Facebook, LinkedIn etc on ditching the gatekeepers and discovering what it takes to earn a living by yourself in the modern world.

A great quote from James :

The average multi-millionaire has at least seven different sources of income. You can’t have seven full time jobs. A “source of income” takes up much less time than a boss paying you to sit in a chair.

The choose yourself era is not just about you can earn an extra income, it is about what is doing best for yourself, in terms of physical health, mental health etc. and putting yourself first in order to be happy.

The aim of this website will be to give you as much information as possible on how to earn an extra income for yourself, so you can have the potential to grow your income from as many revenue streams as possible and therefore have less worry about the possibility of losing your job.

There are lots of legitimate businesses ideas available, but there are also plenty of pyramid schemes and scams kicking about, so be careful when choosing your next money-earning venture.

Owning your own business and having your own multiple income streams can really offer the potential to change your life for the better, and is the best way to avoid the issue of getting sucked into any rip off schemes….you need to be in control from start to finish on any ventures that you decide to pursue.

When selecting which kind of business or side hustle to begin, decide what class of lifestyle you wish to have and what might be the best niche market for you to begin in:

  • What is your background?
  • What kind of problems can you solve?
  • What interests do you have e.g. building websites, writing etc.
  • What type of expertise do you already have?
  • Are you willing to be educated on the path you would like to pursue?

Owning any sort of business requires a specific degree of independence. Figure out the way you can have an entirely new lifestyle with your own home-based business, plan ahead, work hard and over time with dedication you can reap the fruits of your labour.

As a small business owner, you get to decide how much you are required to work to be able to live in a comfortable manner. As I reflect on my own small business growth, the important changes I’ve made in a brief period continue to amaze me. Starting a conventional small business with a concrete small business location is tough and extremely risky, yet the pay-off could be huge with strategic planning.

The internet has changed the world, thanks to “The Cloud” you can now sign in to your PC and work from anywhere and depending on the actual role of employment, you could even work at any time you wish.

Working from home on various projects can offer more than just an extra income, it can bring you more time.

Home-based business owners can start a new company on a relatively low budget and you can outsource a lot of tasks via freelancer style websites to help keep costs down even further, this can give you advantages over bigger companies.  Businesses that require a location usually desire a good one, flash office with the all the trimmings etc. As much as there is that, it’s also getting more expensive for companies to advertise their goods etc.

Hopefully, this website will offer some help in terms of ideas on how you can earn extra incomes, I am hoping you will be able to pursue at least one idea and you will then have great plans for your own business.

Up-level your mindset, clear your thinking, plan ahead, be positive and your organization will expand.

Dreams can become a reality. You can earn an extra income.

The gatekeepers have vanished now, for example, to publish a book before you would need a publishing company to accept your manuscript and sign you up, not anymore, now anyone can release a book through the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform.

You have a greater chance than ever in succeeding in the path that you wish to take. But you still need to come with tons of great ideas and then plan ahead in great detail.

So, you will need to write a thorough small business plan and outline of where you wish to go on your money making journey!

Why You Should Own Your Own Business

There can be a lot of benefits to owning your business, as already mentioned, wealth can also create freedom and if you can make a success of your ventures and then organise your business in the right way you can then also have a lot less stress in your life.

Put it into true perspective about how much money you really need to earn. Think about the position that you would like yourself to be in financially, visualize it. Do you need to make millions? Probably not. Do you need to earn a ton of cash to have that huge house and expensive sports car? Probably not.

The question that you need to answer for yourself is : What do you really need to earn?

Outline a simple plan on what you would like to do, the reasonable amount of money that you need to earn to be able to survive each month with no worry or pressure of paying your bills.

If you can be realistic in your goals then you will earn a greater chance of succeeding and meeting your end goal. Not everyone needs to be a millionaire or a billionaire.

Write a list of all the ways you can think of earning money – hopefully including ideas from this website – and begin the next step.


Start to apply a certain amount of time which is dedicated to researching the projects that you wish to start. There are methods to structure your ideas so that can you begin to implement the ideas into actual money earning ideas further down the line.

The huge waters of your potential new venture can certainly become intimidating for a person with little if any experience, but everybody needs to start somewhere and on most occasions, it will be a new start with no previous experience. That’s fine if you need to learn, everybody does, nobody becomes an expert overnight, give it time.

You need to learn to earn.


You need to come up with LOTS of ideas on a daily basis if you are going to give yourself a really good chance to earn an extra income, the more ideas you can think of the more chance you have of being able to pursue a good enough idea that will work. It almost becomes the law of average, if you able to think of 1000 good ideas on how to earn money then at least one of those ideas should be good enough for you to pursue and ultimately be successful.

Here are the five major reasons why you need to start your own business and earn an extra income.

  • Among the most well-known reasons for owning your own business is that you are probably looking for a balance between your work existence and personal everyday living. If you think that the majority of people wish to live a fulfilling life, having a business can be one method to attain that goal. Health is always the most important factor involved in living a happy life, it is important to remember that. In different posts on this site, I’ll go into more depth the things that you should search for when deciding to begin your own company, particularly your own internet business / Niche Websites. Owning your business can signify earning more cash for those things you would like, like material possessions but, more importantly, wealth can bring you freedom / time. You can always earn more money, you can never earn more time.
  • The best method to remember to get rewarded for your own efforts is always to begin your own business and to work for yourself. If you’re heading to genuinely be committed to making your own small business plans work, then you have to love heading to work every day. If you love what you do it will not even seem like working, think of pro sports players, how happy must one of those guys be?  Getting paid to keep fit! And of course , earning your extra money through side hustles can be rewarding financially, in your day job if the company does well over an extended period you might, if you are lucky, reap a little benefit, if you do well on your own venture you reap ALL the benefits. Actually, you can make more income from spending less time within a day by means of your own business and side hustles than in one day by means of your full-time job. Not always but it is possible.
  • Doing everything on your own could be the same as risking your complete business falling apart, you need to delegate and perhaps use freelance sites such as Fiverr, Upwork etc. If you are not sure how to do something then pay someone who does know what they are doing, they will be doing a better job than you and you can learn from the experience for future reference. The knowledge you gain from this process can be vital down the road, the more you can learn for yourself the less you need to spend on employing other people. You can even then turn that knowledge into a new venture once you have gained enough experience. You can become the person that people come to when they need something doing. Yeah, become that guy.
  • Folks are constantly looking for new approaches to earn more money. They want greater control over their financial future. Conventional businesses manage the problem of attracting customers each day of their existence. An online business may be the superior small business opportunity regarding risk and income potential and a niche website or ebooks can offer a passive income that can potentially earn you money whilst you sleep.
  • 76% of the wealthiest people on earth own their very own business! It would appear that every 20 decades or so there’s a recession. That in itself is a great reason why you may want to become a business owner instead of being an employee. Refuse to become a victim of the recession and start up your own endeavor.

I think personally the one great satisfaction that you can obtain from earning extra revenue from a new venture is the feeling of making something “work” , being a success and seeing the fruits of your labour can be worth more than dollars and pounds.

Make a start today with some new side hustles, earn an extra income for yourself, it is possible and can be extremely rewarding, if you never try you will never know. Why not at least try? If you are trying to change your life for the better you are already taking a step in the right direction.

If you fail at the first attempt do not give up, think of it as a way to NOT to do something in the future, then try a different approach, who knows where you might be in a year or two from now?

Start today and look at ways to earn an extra income. Good luck with your money earning ideas!

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