How To Make Money Delivering Groceries

How To Make Money Shopping For Groceries

Do you ever find yourself walking around the shopping centre or supermarket, wondering how hard it would be to do this every day?

Most of us do a weekly trip to the grocery store and it tends to mean coming away with a weeks’ worth of stuff. Others, though, decide to go up each day to buy what they need on a daily basis.

Now, while that might sound like hell for some people, if you could make a living from going grocery shopping would you choose to do so? Or would you hate that?

If you answered the former, then we have some very easy ways for you to make a living simply by picking up and then delivering groceries to people. The hours are flexible, the pay can be very impressive – as much as $25/hour – and the opportunity to work for yourself and be your own boss is quite exciting.

Best of all? It’s a pretty enjoyable job if you can get in the right frame of mind for it. Not only will you make a decent living from it when done right, but it keeps you busy and active when moving forward.

Is Grocery Shopping A Viable Money Making Method?

Yes, very much so. Many people make a decent living going out grocery shopping for others. It does depend, though, on a few major factors. These include things like how much you want to work, how many regular clients you get and the kind of job that you do. Naturally, if you are accurate with product selection and you are on-time, you should have ample opportunity to make a lot of money.

Indeed, you could start making as much as you want if you were willing to put in the work. A shopper could, with the right moves and correct desire/ambition, be bringing in as much as $30,000 – even more if they are really at it.

So, if you are someone who might think that grocery shopping is unlikely to make you a healthy living, think again. There is really no reason why you should try and avoid trying this out if you have the time. The only thing that you need to make this possible is a good app to try it out.

Thankfully, many great apps exist for this exact purpose. Interested in trying it out? Then we recommend you look at…

The Best Grocery Shopping Career Apps


Instacart Grocery Shopping App

Instacart is a brilliant choice especially for those without any kind of normal transport. If you want to do this kind of job but you don’t/can’t drive, this is probably the best app for you to work with. You can choose from various different styles of shopping, and you can start making a living pretty quickly if you decide to go down the Instacart route. For most people, it’s flexible style and the weekly pay makes it the best kind of shopping cart job. Add in the removal of fuel costs, and it’s a no-brainer! You simply do the shop, bag it up and leave it to be picked up – easy!


Another fine choice is that of Shipt. Shipt is a fine choice if you are looking for a shopping app that makes it easy for you to make a living without having to do much. You set your own schedule and you can work in as many as 70 different cities. So long as you are over the age of 18 and invest in the tools they ask of you (a smartphone, a reliable vehicle and grocery knowledge at least) you can get involved. Shipt has a lot of good retail programs, so you can easily get access to what you need, when you need it, and keep customers very happy.


WeGoShop allows you to start your own grocery delivery business in your local community. It costs you around $499, but it does give you the chance to get started and really make a good living from the job. You get access to all manner of add-ons, from a website and content management and ordering system to a company e-mail account, total control over when you work, assistance from the private chat groups and even 1,000 business cards to hand out for free.

It’s like a business in a box, and is easily one of the most commonly used and impressive forms of shopping solution out there. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely an option for those who have already enjoyed working in the industry and now want to step it up a notch.

Making the Most of the Opportunity

With so much to enjoy and to utilize about working in this industry, you can make a lot of money from getting involved here. Add in the fact that it keeps you busy, makes a good living, helps you meet people and ensures that you can get more product knowledge for things you want to buy yourself, and it’s a fun job.

Many people use this kind of service, lacking the time/patience to go and do the shopping themselves. Some people will be easier to deal with than others, whilst you will have some challenging customers. No industry is perfect, though, and the job perks plus the earning potential should make working in this industry – or at least considering it – a no-brainer.

If you want to work in an industry with a high earning ceiling and the chance to really make life a bit easier when looking for work, consider being a personal grocery shopper.

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