Newbies Guide To Making Money On Udemy

Newbies Guide To Making Money On Udemy

In the modern world, we have a bit of a pandemic unfolding. You see, many people are fully qualified to be involved in a lucrative, enjoyable industry. They could be impressive in the art of teaching English, Art, Mathematics, IT or anything else. The problem is that with the dog-eat-dog nature of the modern world, there’s not enough jobs to go around.

You often find that people with high-level degrees are in mid-tier jobs often far outside of the actual industry they specialize in. You’ll know how frustrating this can be if you are in this position yourself. However, have you ever thought about using all that you learned when in education and taking it into the teaching sphere?

You see, with Udemy, you can teach just about ANYTHING to people if you are willing to put in the effort. Without doubt, Udemy is one of the best platforms around for making sure that you can make an online living as a teacher.

You aren’t in the classic ‘tweed jacket with patches’ professor mode, either. You can often do this from a spare room at home!

It’s the kind of lucrative opportunity that you need. How, though, can you find out how to make money on Udemy? What is the protocol needed for success?

Udemy is different to most of the other army of online teaching platforms that exist. Unlike with traditional classes and teaching plans, you can find that work is far less demanding and continuous. You create courses and then people enrol in the course to pick up the learning material that you have produced.

If you do this, they can learn from wherever they wish with you having to be there to directly take the lesson. How, though, can you earn?

Teaching What You Love

The first thing that you need to understand is that you can do what you love through Udemy. Most people stick to the classics. From teaching someone how to go from not knowing any chords to playing “Stairway to Heaven” through to showing someone how to design their own business logo, your course can cover whatever you like.

From lifestyle and health to personal coaching, fitness training or even helping someone learn a new language, the possibilities with this are endless. You will find that it helps to make it very much easier for you to make an intelligent call with regards to how you work. You could even do niche stuff. Many people show people how to do everything from how to cut their own hair to how to do Geisha style make-up artistry!

The list is endless. You could learn how to play Fortnight; you could learn how to play poker…you could even pick up the hidden secret of how to ride a unicycle. With this, you are really pretty at the potion whereby you can learn, or teach, whatever you like with Udemy.

That naturally makes it a very fertile ground or development.

Udemy Earning Potential

Of course, let’s not waste any more of your time and instead look at the stuff that matters. How much can you make with Udemy?

Like anything ese, you will need to pay tax. Make sure you look to work out how to pay tax in your own country as you will be a self-employed contractor and thus you need to manage your own tax. Udemy won’t do it for you.

It depends on how much you work at the course, how much effort you put in and how well you go about the marketing side of things. On average, you could be making around $10-30 per hour depending on course difficulty and everything else.

Usually, you can find that you are selling the course for around $30-100. With the average earning for a Udemy instructor in the $7,000 mark, you can easily see how it could top up your earnings. You could, though, make a lot more; some instructors easily clear five, even six figures per year.

One thing that you cannot say about Udemy is that it lacks potential or opportunity. There is more than enough room for everyone to really tap into their academic potential here.

Getting Started with Udemy

To get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to and make an account – hit the big button saying “Become an Instructor.”
  2. Now, select the topic and theme of your course and start to create the details needed.
  3. Promote the course, advertise it and start connecting with your students today.

You do, though, need to make sure that you carefully plan out the course. Think about it from the very start to the end. You need a decent learning curve, and you need to be able to create content (either yourself or by outsourcing it with other freelancers) and by using the tools they give you.

From discount programs to entice people to join through to 24/7 secure support and payment processing, Udemy makes it very easy for you to get out of the traps and to get started. When it comes to promoting your new course, you have a few popular options:

Social media is your first choice, but it’s going to take a lot of either time self-marketing, or money paying a marketer to help you out. Make sure you have both a Pinterest and Facebook if nothing else!

Online forums in the industry that you work within is very useful, too. Make sure that it fits with the topic and the context of the conversation, though; don’t just spam the link and expect everyone to appreciate it.

Guest blogs in your niche work, too. You can create a post that talks about the problem that your course helps people fix, and why enrolling might help them come out the other side.

It’s very challenging, and this is only the very start of the process. However, with a bit of endeavor and a passion for helping others, this could become a very lucrative opportunity for you. The potential is massive; if you are willing to work for it, Udemy can reward you.

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